Farfromova are small kennels situated in West Gippsland, about an hour's drive from Melbourne. We specialise in in just one breed, the American Staffordshire Terrier. The decision after countless hours and months of research of the breed, was to purchase an American Staffordshire Terrier which in turn became the dream, the start of Farfromova Kennels.

Devoted to breeding quality, not quantity many things come into consideration when potentially planning a litter.  Achieving superb type and temperament is the result of careful research and study, patience and persistence. Farfromova strives for perfection. Our show quality dogs are just that and more. By constantly referring to the breed standard the plan for breeding is for American Staffordshire Terriers with distinction. Dogs that absolutely radiate and command attention, both in the show ring and out.



We encourage anyone to contact us with any questions you might have. To us, this is not a business venture and by adopting a pup from us you become friends and part of our extended family. You are encouraged to provide ongoing updates with how your baby is progressing. Any activity or success you enjoy with your pup, we celebrate with you as we are truly proud of our dogs.

We are very proud of our dogs achievements, in and out of the show ring. They are true ambassador's of the breed and are raised to display true American Staffordshire temperaments.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy reading about kennels and also the information we have on the American Staffordshire Terrier. If you have any questions or feedback please go to the contact us page.